Freight Tainer Transport and Container Specialists

Container Rentals

We supply all types and sizes of containers (3m, 6m and 12m lengths) to our clients for periods of one week or more. These include storerooms, offices, accommodation units, ablution units as well as refrigerated containers with temperatures ranging from +20º
to -20ºC
. We will deliver to a customers doorstep, within 24 hours in most cases, and at the most competitive rates available. Our rentail containers are wind and watertight and painted in one of our colours.
For the best deal contact Lovelle or Lesley on the above numbers or by email.

Container Sales

We sell all types of units including reefers in different conditions and at different prices to suit customer requirements. We will modify a container in our workshop to the buyer's specifications and regularly supply offices and spaza/tuck shops to purchasers. Offices usually are carpeted, have plug points with neon lights and a distribution board. Some are insulated and fitted with air conditioning.

Some approximate container specs are as follows:
L 6m x W 2.44 x H 2.6m with 32 cum capacity
L12m x W 2.44 x H 2.6m with 64 cum capacity
L 3m x W 2.44 x H 2.6m with 16 cum capacity

For the best comprehensive deal
contact Lovelle or Lesley.